Wind power

Top performance in extreme conditions

Similar tp photovoltaic systems, wind power is a key technology for the transition to green energy. Wind turbines have to withstand extreme conditions – particularly when installed offshore – while, at the same time, operating safely and economically. Every outage or accident has a big financial impact.

DEKRA supports its customers throughout the lifetime of their wind turbines. For example, regular inspections and other mandatory checks are carried out during their working life. DEKRA is currently supporting various onshore wind farms as well as offshore projects such as Borkum Riffgrund 1 + 2 and Dan Tysk.

Three facts about safe wind power


Why is it becoming increasingly important to inspect turbines?
To meet the growing demand for renewable energy, it is essential for green electricity to be generated in a reliable manner. The safety of the facilities plays a crucial role here. In carrying out an inspection, DEKRA satisfies all the legal requirements, enabling a turbine or facility to be run safely.

What makes inspections so challenging – onshore and offshore?
Due to the specific hazards at play, the safety inspections on and around wind turbines require a high degree of expertise and a whole series of safety training programs. The weather conditions can sometimes be extreme, both onshore and especially offshore. If the wind speed and wave height exceed a certain threshold out at sea, it becomes impossible to work on turbines or reach them by boat.

What are the key factors in the safe operation of turbines?
Good care and upkeep. This depends crucially on adequate maintenance and the prompt repair of any faults – which, in turn, involves identifying even the slightest deviations from a turbine’s target condition. This makes it possible for the operator to take timely and cost-effective corrective action.



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