Dear Readers

Stefan Kölbl
President of the Presidential Board of DEKRA e.V.
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DEKRA SE

Russia’s invasion not only brought great suffering to Ukraine in 2022, but also resulted in massive disruption to global supply chains, confronting the international community and the global economy with many challenges.

This situation also shaped the dialog between DEKRA SE’s Supervisory and Management Boards. The agenda was expanded to include measures dictated by operational requirements alongside the ongoing implementation of Strategy 2025. The success of our collaboration was evident from the fact that DEKRA demonstrated resilience and fulfilled its growth potential.

As part of safeguarding the company’s future the Supervisory Board also oversaw DEKRA’s future strategic development This included, for example, leveraging growth areas such as the emerging hydrogen economy. DEKRA is seeking to accelerate the transition to a hydrogen-based future through its commitment to greater investment in hydrogen infrastructure. Moreover, DEKRA is pushing to establish a legal framework for the safe introduction of hydrogen technologies. In the area of e-mobility, DEKRA already provides many compelling services, which are covered in more detail in the report.

Overall, 2022 was another challenging but ultimately successful year. On behalf of the Presidential and Supervisory Boards, I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank all DEKRA employees for their contribution. I would also like to thank all the members of DEKRA e.V., as well as our customers and business partners, for their trust.

Photography: DEKRA; Michael Wagner, Stuttgart

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