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As was the case with e-mobility, Chinese companies are also pioneers when it comes to another important area for the future: automated driving. Among the innovators is Black Sesame Technologies, headquartered in Shanghai. The company has set itself the highest standards of functional safety in the development of its microchips. DEKRA has awarded the company – as the world’s first supplier of automotive-grade computer chips for automated driving – the ISO 26262:2018 ASIL Functional Safety Process Certificate.

»The ISO 26262 standard is the leading international standard for functional safety in the automotive industry, and is thus a prerequisite for operating in the future market of automated driving.«

Dr. Kilian Aviles, Senior Vice President of DEKRA APAC and Managing Director of DEKRA China.

The standard covers functional safety requirements throughout the entire product life cycle. Black Sesame Technologies worked closely with DEKRA for almost a year on the design of the necessary functional safety management system (FSMS). This included compiling around 100 special documents, such as operating policies and review and audit checklists.

“Through combination with an FSMS and the corresponding development processes in compliance with ISO 26262, the risks and systematic errors identified during the product development stage can be managed effectively and the functional safety requirements fulfilled in order to ensure that the products are safe and reliable,” says Gerhard Rieger, Senior Vice President Global Functional Safety, DEKRA SE.

Gerhard M. Rieger

Senior Vice President Global Functional Safety, DEKRA SE

Gerhard M. Rieger is responsible for functional safety and the international standard Automotive Software Process Improvement Capability Determination (ASPICE) at DEKRA DIGITAL. He also conducts training on ISO 26262, IEC 61508, and EN 5012x and developed the DEKRA personnel certification program “Professional Functional Safety Engineer/Manager” for the automotive, semiconductor, railway, and process industries. Gerhard M. Rieger has written several specialist articles and is the author of the book “Funktionale Sicherheit nach ISO26262” (Functional Safety According to ISO26262).

Dr. Kilian Aviles

Senior Vice President of DEKRA APAC and Managing Director of DEKRA China.

Dr. Kilian Aviles joined DEKRA in 2015 and has since held several key positions in Asia, including Regional Head of Strategy & Head of Product Testing and Managing Director of Taiwan and Automotive & Hightech Testing Business. He is now Managing Director of DEKRA Mainland China and Hong Kong.

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