A key role to play in decarbonization

Hydrogen has the potential to play a crucial role in the decarbonization of industry and transportation, whether in the production of “green steel,” the operation of carbon-neutral trucks, buses, and cars, or over the long term in the decarbonization of travel by air and sea.

»The development of a safe and robust hydrogen infrastructure is essential for the successful decarbonization of industry and transportation.«

Dr. Christoph Flink, Hydrogen Economy Program Management at DEKRA

DEKRA assists its customers from the vehicle manufacturing industry in creating new products safely. For instance, DEKRA supported BMW in moving toward its limited production run of the iX5 Hydrogen, a fuel cell vehicle based on the X5. Testers at the DEKRA Technology Center, which is already equipped for the specific requirements of fuel cell vehicles, reliably compared the vehicle’s consumption levels with the manufacturer’s figures in the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) driving cycle. The independent measurement by the DEKRA experts was an essential prerequisite before the limited run could start.

Energy Transition

In a partnership with the German startup, hylane, DEKRA has also offered assistance with the first commercially operated rental fleet of hydrogen-powered goods vehicles in Germany. The DEKRA experts will be monitoring the vehicles at the rental customers’ premises throughout their life cycle – from initial handover to end of service.

DEKRA is also committed to a well-functioning hydrogen economy that extends beyond the products themselves. Currently, a key area for action in this regard is delivering the relevant infrastructure. “The development of a safe and robust hydrogen infrastructure is essential for the successful decarbonization of industry and transportation,” says Dr. Christoph Flink, who is responsible for hydrogen economy program management at DEKRA. The organization is making its expertise available to help advance the successful establishment of such infrastructure, working together with partners in the Hydrogen Europe association. “Today, DEKRA is one of the market leaders in safety testing for gas stations in Germany; we want people to feel just as safe at hydrogen refueling stations,” Dr. Flink explains.

Future mobility

Future Mobility

Automated driving depends on reliable chip technology. DEKRA inspects the manufacturers.

Future mobility

Safe automated driving

The functional safety of microchips is critical in automated driving. DEKRA tests the manufacturers to international standards.



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