Fast battery test

How healthy is the drive battery?

The value of a used electric vehicle depends largely on the condition of the drive battery. DEKRA has therefore developed a patented fast battery test, which was rolled out in Germany, Benelux, and Scandinavia in 2022. Fifteen minutes is all it takes to produce a reliable assessment of the drive battery’s state of health.

In brief

Fast battery test

In contrast to other methods, a very short test drive of around 100 meters is already enough for the DEKRA fast battery test. The onboard diagnostic interface reads out the battery key data, which are then analyzed by means of algorithms, artificial intelligence, and an extensive model database. After this parameterization, DEKRA software evaluates the measured values. The process was validated by RWTH Aachen University and is protected by international patent.

Future mobility

Future Mobility

Automated driving depends on reliable chip technology. DEKRA inspects the manufacturers.

Future mobility

Safe automated driving

The functional safety of microchips is critical in automated driving. DEKRA tests the manufacturers to international standards.



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